Why you do not need to learn SEO London

If you don't have your own web department, building and editing your own website and including SEO is something that should be outsourced.

Why you do not need to learn SEO

If you don't have your own web department, building and editing your own website and including SEO is something that should be outsourced to a qualified, reputable SEO agency.

Just like there are plumbers and carpenters, doctors and surgeons, there are already professionals who have spent years learning about these subjects and can save you a great deal of time and money. You probably wouldn’t fix your own leak, so you don’t want to be doing your own SEO.

These are skillsets that will take many days of your time, while also delaying/distracting you from what you should actually be doing - running a business and talking to clients. And time is money!

Finding the time to create a website or edit it regularly for SEO purposes often goes by the wayside. We find weeks, months, sometimes years pass for business owners without anything actually being done, or any real progress being made. And if they did have time they are probably wasting hours learning how to do it instead. 

And a website should be at the utmost forefront of your business.

It's pretty much (other than social media) the only public face you have when someone searches your business name on the net.

We rarely see a new business launch a professional website months before they even write their business plan or start to trade. Doing this gives them time to start building a score in search rankings and creating a high quality holding page which counts for a lot - it will later allow you to position your new website even higher once your business gets off the ground.

A professional holding page costs a few hundred quid but it will stand you in good stead in the future.  If you have a business name, register the web address and find a good web developer who has years of experience in this sector, with a good long term education in HTML, W3C, Accessibility and Search Positioning, and not someone who will just use a starter/beginners CMS and template or copy and paste someone else's website.

Search engines are smart

Search engines are years ahead of the majority of web designers, and they know when you, or your web designer cuts corners. So invest before you start and don't pay at a later date to undo the beginner's mistakes of an out the box or quick fix website.

Your marketing plan should include investment costs for a website built by a professional website development company who also provides SEO agency services.  In today's internet age, there's no point in downvaluing the best marketing tool you will have.

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