Is Content Optimisation Actually Useful?

What if your website contains mainly images?  Content Optimisation is only one of the many processes to optimise your website.

Is content optimisation actually useful and what are the other ways?

An SEO plugin used by millions is really not going to fix this!

You can probably guess at some of the other ways. For instance - how mobile friendly is your website?  Easy!  But in reality, how mobile friendly is it and to what level?

How fast is it? We are not referring to your car or internet speed, but the speed it loads.  You can check this using Google Page Speed Insights.

Readability. And we are not talking about your text here! How clean and readable is the code behind your website?  Most business owners have probably never seen 99% of their website, the part that matters. Your website may look better than everyone elses, but whats under the hood?  

A Wordpress site will typically present between 5 and 50 pages of dense, messy code before any of relevant content about your business is found by Google. This is the biggest part that search engines review and an SEO plugin used by millions is really not going to fix this!

Also have you considered Accessibility? Does your website system or CMS conform to the most basic of Accessibility standards!  If not it could prevent you being listed on the first page of a search engine!

These are not all the requirements, but certainly a good place to start.

It is better to start with a good website system or CMS, rather than one that is poor or mediocre and then spending hours or years trying to get somewhere.

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